Module: 1

·         2 Day weekend course: Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday: 9am-5pm

·         1 Week Day course: Wednesday Evening 17:30- 21:30pm

·         Fees: R2600

·  Theory Part 1

-          Origin and philosophy of yoga

-          Paths of Yoga

-          Styles of yoga (What style do we use for children)

-          8 Limbs (The quest of the Soul)

-          Pawanamuktasana:

Anti- Rheumatic Group



Energising Asanas

-          Balancing the total Personality of the child

-          Mom’s say ‘discipline’ Yoga teachers say ‘balance’

-          Difference between yoga and exercise

-          Your own daily practice

-          What is kids yoga, why do we teach it?

-          What happens in our classes

-          Benefits of Yoga for Kids

-          Constructing a class

-          Class themes: Sensory, visual, music etc

-          Interactive yoga/ taking part in my yoga class J

-          Cautions during kids yoga classes: modifications, why children should not hold postures

-          Chakras/Energy bodies

·         Assignments:       Vision board

                                    Teaching a warm up                               


Module: 2

·         2 Day weekend course: Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday: 9am-5pm

·         1 Week Day course: Wednesday Evening 17:30- 21:30pm

·         Fees: R2600


·   Theory part 2

-          Yoga Asanas/ Postures

-          Eye Exercises

-          Adjustments

-          Teaching methods (How to teach a kids yoga class)

-          Fun and interactive yoga games

-          Guided Breathing and Meditation

-          Mantra

-          Visualisation (Yoga Nidra) and relaxation

-          The business end of kids yoga


·    Practical Part 1

-          Practical teaching in groups

-          Constructing a class in groups

-          Learning partner postures

·         Assignments:   Yoga Nidra

                                Constructing a class for ages 3-6 years

                                Constructing a class for ages 7-13 years


Module: 3

·         2 Day weekend course: Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday: 9am-5pm

·         Fees: R2600


·  Theory Part 3   

-      Yoga anatomy and physiology for Kids: protecting growing bodies

-          Working with the temperament of the class

-          Sensory Integration

-          ADD the Pooh approach

-          Joint hypermobility in children


· Practical Part 2

-          Teaching a guided visualisation/ Yoga Nidra

-          Teaching a kids yoga class


(Each student will present their Yoga Nidra and two kids classes) 


Module: 4

·         Practical Part 2 (Can be completed in your own time)

-          25 Hours observation and assisting during any kids yoga class

-          24 Hours practical Teaching at any  Kids yoga class 

-          1 Hour practical teaching during the course x2 kids classes


(3-6 year olds)

(7-13 year olds)


Module: 5

·         3  workshop Days:

·         Yoga for the special child and childhood development

·         Meditation for children

·         CPR course: R250

·         Fees: R1500


Theory part 4

-          Theory: The special child, Autism, ADHD, ADD, Williams Syndrome, Asperger syndrome, CP and more

-          Sensory awareness of the special child

-          Dealing with a combination of challenges in one class

-          Childhood development

·         Theory part 5

-          Practical teaching on meditation/ taking part in kids meditation

-          Benefits of mediation


What we will cover in the course:



A basic understanding and overview of each:


Ø  Skeletal  System

Ø  Respiratory System

Ø  Digestive System

Ø  Endocrine System

Ø  Main Muscle Groups



The effects, benefits and contra-indications of each asana:


Ø  Pawanmuktasana/salutations/ Warm up Postures

Ø  Supine/lying face up Postures

Ø  Prone/ lying face down  postures

Ø  Seated 

Ø  Standing

Ø  Back bending

Ø  Forward bending

Ø  Twists

Ø  Inversions

Ø  Partner Postures

Ø  Relaxation (Guided visualisation and relaxation)



The effects, benefits and contra-indication of conscious breathing:


Ø  Calming breathes:

-Abdominal breathing/safety bubble

-Thoracic breathing

-Yogic breathing

-Humming Bee breath

-Tortoise breathing

-Elephant breathing

-Balloon breathing


Ø  Energising breathes:

-          Cooling breath

-          Lion breath

-          Hissing breath/snake breath

-          Kapalbhati/ rabbit breath

-          Candle Breathing

-          Bee breathing




Ø  Meditation

Ø  Development of the child

Ø  Yoga for the special child

Ø  Chakaras or Energy centres

Ø  Mantra

Ø  Sensory Integration

Ø  Relaxation techniques

Ø  Cautions in kids classes



This course is broken up into five modules. A certificate for module 1, 2 and 3 will be awarded to all who complete the three full theory weekends and two week days. 

Module 4 is a practicum module where a certificate will be awarded on completion of the required hours. 

Module 5 consists of 3 workshop days.  

All five modules are compulsory to attain certification as a Kids Yoga Teacher.


SYC is a member of the YAI global yoga network